1.  Diff drops and Mighty 90 stickers are available.
  2.  LBJ availability will be delayed, sorry!
  3.  Pickups remain available, only via appointment and if above $200.

Payment Methods


Paypal is a popular method, but some terms apply;

  • Refunds via Paypal may be less the Paypal fee component, depending on the circumstances. Paypal fee is between 2.6% and 3.6%.
  • Please ensure your postal address is correct on both the website, and during Paypal checkout. Errors may incur fees.
  • Paypal orders cannot be picked up. Cancellations for this reason will incur fees.

Bank Transfer:

Bank transfers are useful for large orders, or regular purchases.

  • Available for orders above $50, and discounted above $200.
  • This option is enabled on request only (contact me).


  • Discounted cash pickup is available from NSW Central Coast. Please contact me to schedule a time.