1.  Diff drops and Mighty 90 stickers are available.
  2.  LBJ availability will be delayed, sorry!
  3.  Pickups remain available, only via appointment and if above $200.

Terms & Conditions


  • Paypal refunds will be less the Paypal fee (between 2.6% and 3.6%). Possible exceptions to this will be at the discretion of the seller.
  • Please ensure your postal address is correct on both the website, and during Paypal checkout. Errors may incur fees.
  • Paypal orders cannot be picked up. Cancellations for this reason will incur fees.


  • Shipment turnarounds may change day to day, depending current demands and workload.
  • Whilst most parcels are sent with Signature Required, the seller reserves the right to decide this on a case by case basis.
  • Shipment is for Australian destinations only. International delivery is not available through this website.
  • See additional terms below; "Manually entered order instructions".

Manually entered order instructions:

The checkout process allows you to enter notes or instructions for the order and/or delivery. IMPORTANT: Do not place any critical instructions here, since it may not be followed! If it's a critical instruction, get in contact to find out how to proceed.


Pickups are on request only - contact me to  arrange. Pickups are not available through the standard ordering process on this site. Any payments made through this site for a pickup may be cancelled and refunded (less any fees).


  • A unique RMA (Return Material Authorization) is required for all returns.
  • Do not return or post an item back without seeking approval and attaining an RMA.
  • Change of minds cancellations are only possible prior to an order being sent (may be subject to fees).
  • Returns may be subject to restocking fees or damaged item fees, depending on the circumstances.
  • Cancellations and returns may be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • See additional Paypal terms above.

Specials / coupon codes:

  • Seller reserves the right to cancel specials, coupon codes and/or orders if unexpected issues or glitches arise from those specials and/or coupon codes.

Original Manufacturer Packaging:

Small items (eg; seals, bolts) may come without original packaging, since they often come in bags of 10 and are separated to sell individually.

Part Compatibility:

Parts listed within a vehicle category is not a guarantee of compatibility with your vehicle. Whilst significant effort has been made to match the parts to the correct models, there may be errors or differences between models (year, transmission, trim level, other options) for any given vehicle group (eg, Prado 120).


  • Dealerships and third party mechanics are not obliged to provide warranty for parts they did not supply.
  • For wrong/missing items, address changes, or other issues, please contact me via the contact page, or locate the email address in your Paypal transaction.
  • A unique RMA (Return Material Authorization) is required for all returns.
  • Do not return or post an item back without seeking approval and attaining an RMA.
  • Paypal also provides a dispute resolution service - which should only be used as a last resort (please make direct contact first).

Ball Joint Points (reward points):

Can only be earned and redeemed when purchasing a set of LBJs for Prado 90. They do not apply to single LBJ purchases, or any other parts. They cannot be exchanged, or redeemed for anything else. Offer is intended to be ongoing - but I reserve the right to cancel the offer at any time - without compensation.

Your account:

  • Purchases from this site are for approved account holders only.
  • You are responsible to keep your account details private and secure. Do not share with anyone.
  • Creation of multiple accounts is not permitted.

Stock availability:

  • Due to reduced stock levels, stock may become unavailable without notice, and the seller may cancel your order.
  • Back orders are not currently available.

Breach of any of these conditions may result in cancellation of orders (fees may apply).