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So after a LONG time of wanting to do this, I've finally decided to bite the bullet and get it done!
It's a '00 VX auto with around 360,000k's. I'm going to keep this project as budget friendly as possible, whilst remembering that "the poor man pays twice" and to not be too dodgy and cut corners etc. The end goal is to have a responsive and reliable increase in torque/power (around 280-300whp would be nice).
I decided to used the CX Racing manifold and downpipe kit, which arrived today. I was planning to fab my own manifolds, but I figured that after having to get flanges made, buy the bends etc and then my time, I'd rather get this kit and get it done quicker. I bought the kit without the turbo that they offer, as I wanted something better. After scouring through turbo options (theres tonnes..), I decided I would just go for a cheap and nasty ebay jobbie and see how it goes, to give me some kind of baseline. I forked out a whole $152 for a GT3582 whirly thang, including shipping! I don't care if its rubbish, its just to get it going. I'd rather waste $152 on the wrong turbo than $1500+!
For tuning, I got my hands on an XEDE Processor 2nd hand at a very good price, and it should do everything I need to keep the AFR's and timing retard in check.
I have ordered a wideband O2 sensor/gauge kit, and have the other necessary gauges already (boost, watertemp and oil press.)
Things I still need are:
External wastegate (45 or 50mm)
Intercooler and pluming.
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator and bigger fuel pump.
Bigger fuel injectors (20-30% increase I think)
Colder spark plugs and thermostat.
Auto trans cooler.

I will keep the progress posted here. Looking to get the install underway next week!


  • Well then. Rather than post my progress as I went, I finished this project and have put about 5,000K's on it so far. So ill try and shed some light on the process and parts used. My way of adding a turbo to a 5VZ-FE is by no means the only or best way to do it, so take from it what you like.

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