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How To Buy

For delivery within Australia: http://www.mighty90s.com/australia.php
For all other countries: http://www.mighty90s.com/international.php


Applying stickers to the front windscreen requires special care, please read instructions!
If you've never applied a vinyl sticker to a vehicle before, consider watching some tutorial videos on Youtube.

* Cleaning equipment
* Masking tape
* Measuring tools
* Something to help apply sticker in a flat manner (ie, squeegee, CD case, credit card, etc)

1) Preparation

Stickers may have been sent folded or rolled - lay them out on something flat and place some weight on it (such as books) and leave for an hour or more. Clean windscreen thoroughly. Do not apply in windy weather or freezing temperatures.

2) Test Fitment

Without removing front/backing papers, test the location of where you'd like it. Remember you only get one chance to apply the stickers - trying to relocate them will cause damage and significantly reduce lifespan.

Regarding the two front stickers - lay the sticker on the windscreen and you will notice the windscreens curve affects the result of the sticker. If these are applied without care the text will appear curved downwards and out of alignment with the window shape. Tips to avoid this are below.

3) Placement

Use masking tape to assist with placement. Electrical tape was used in the example photos as I didn't have any masking tape at hand, but it's not as ideal, as it will stretch and either fall off or cause the sticker to roll up. Masking tape is best!

Use a ruler or measuring tape to ensure sicker is centered. A trick here is to mark the center of the sticker with a pencil, and the center of the windscreen with some masking tape (just above sticker placement).

  • Rear stickers & rear windscreen: These are easy to apply. Simply run a length of tape along the top of the sticker, full length, so it can be placed on the windscreen. Remember the vehicle can be cut from the sticker and applied seperately in a place of your choosing.

  • Front stickers: the windscreen is curved, the stickers are not. If these are applied without care the text will appear curved downwards and out of alignment with the window shape. This can be resolved by cutting slits in the sticker, between some letters, from the bottom to almost the top. DO NOT cut all the way to the top, you don't want it to fall out of alignment. DO NOT cut between every single letter - every second or third letter works out much better. Hold the sticker onto the windscreen with individual strips of masking tape. Do take time to ensure the placement is correct, it's likely to require several attempts to get it right - jump inside the vehicle for the best angle to judge from!

4) Apply Sticker

Rear stickers can be done in one single go, but with the fronts I found it essential to perform this step in sections.

Have your flat tool ready, lift the sticker from the bottom and remove the firm white backing paper whilst ensuring the sticker does not fall accidentally. Then SLOWLY start to lower the sticker from the top downwards, using your flat tool to push and progress it downwards, ensuring it's done as evenly as possible. Run over the sticker several times to ensure it has been applied firmly, then carefully remove the top brown paper.

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