Body Lift Pros and Cons, Prado 90 Series

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Toyota Prado 90 Series "Mighty 90s"


Advantages and disadvantages of a bodylift

* Creates more clearance for larger tyres. Larger tyres = more clearance everywhere. Alternatively you could try to cut the bodywork to fit larger tyres - a process known as tubbing.
* Will raise the sills, rear bumper and rear tank. Combine this with raising of a front bar and the rear tank guard, and a lot of clearance will be gained to protect your vehicle body against random objects & rocks. Note; chassis clearance will not change.
* They are highly reliable, no moving parts. Combined with a standard 2" lift, the vehicle should be more reliable compared to one with a custom 3-4" suspension lift - as they tend to ride harsh, and wear out components quicker.

* Legalities, depending on your location it may require engineering approval. Process may be more difficult if the vehicle has airbags. Steel/Aluminium blocks may be easier to have engineer-certified, compared to poly based blocks (as poly may deform).
* A bodylift alone does not increase clearance under the chassis or axles, whilst a suspension lift does increase those clearances. For full benefit of a bodylift, it must be done for the purpose of installing larger tyres, which will provide the added clearance.


Aus - Rhythm Offroad - Various sizes in Aluminium, includes steering spacer (from Glen EP)
UK - Milner Offroad - 1.5" only, includes steering spacer

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