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General Forum FAQ


1) Who can see my posts?

There's essentially 4 layers of access:

  1. Public: Anyone not signed in - the public - can view most categories of this forum, but they cannot post, cannot view member profiles, and cannot view anything within a "Members / Private discussion area".
  2. Unconfirmed Member: New members who have not yet confirmed their email address. Same access public, except can now post in the General Discussion area for purposes of troubleshooting. If you are not receiving your confirmation email, please check the spelling of the address, your spam folders and whether your email account has enough free space (these are the 3 most common issues).
  3. Member: Can post new discussions/comments in all publicly visible categories of the forum. They can also view member profiles and send messeges.
  4. Verified members whom are assigned to a group role: This provides access to special areas of the forum. To find out if you have been assigned to a group role, open your profile and check "Roles" for a group name.

2) Can I sign up via my social media account, eg, Facebook?

At this time, no. For two reasons:

  • The technical requirements would have slowed down the release of the forum.
  • If everyone signed up to this forum via social media accounts, the forum would essentially depend on those other platforms, indefinitely. Some social media platforms are quite ineffective at dealing with access issues, leaving people without access for months , forcing them to create new accounts. Signing up to the forum directly allows us to function independently without concern of loosing access.


3) Image won't upload into my post

Check the image sizes. Very high resolution images will be rejected by the webserver.

  • File size limit is 2mb, but best to keep them smaller. 0.5mb and lower will be more than enough for on screen viewing.
  • Resolution limit is around 2000 x 1400 pixels, but if the file size is over 2mb it will still be rejected.
  • If you select multiple files for upload, it appears the 2mb limit will apply to the total. So 2x 0.8mb images at a time will work (1.6mb total), and 4x 0.8mb at a time will not (3.2mb total). So for files around 0.5mb, you'll have to upload 3 at a time.
  • You can add plenty photos to a single post, just can't select too many for upload at the same time.

4) Profile image won't upload

Check the image sizes. All profile images are automatically reduced to around 560x560 so best not to upload too much larger than that. Hard limits are explained above.

Answers didn't help, or have a different issue?

Please contact admin, or make a new post with an explanation of the issue. If the issue is technical please include any error messeges, whether accessing via mobile phone or desktop computer, as well as which internet browser you're using.



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