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A few points from design phase

Forum software was selected based on:

  • Cost.
  • Simple, clean appearance.
  • Compatibility testing results with mobile browsers and social media apps. Some forum softwares wouldn't upload images via mobile device.
  • Will automatically show links as graphics where possible (eg, YouTube videos).
  • Availability of social media sign-in (not currently enabled)


  • Added code to detect social media links and launch their dedicated mobile app if possible.
  • Forum is public, with private sections for members whom are assigned a group role.
  • Advanced comment editor allows styling of posts. Syntax is "Markdown" but some HTML code will also work.


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    9th April 2020

    • Officially started using the forum to host the Mighty 90s FAQ.
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    16th April 2020

    • Created general Forum FAQ - covering access and image uploads.
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    17 April 2020

    • Updated Forum FAQ - re profile pictures
    • Added quote option for comments:

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