Ticking noise in engine bay

Hello All.
I have a ticking noise coming from the engine bay - the noise is only present when the vehicle is in D or R when stationary or moving slowly, therefore under slight load, and when the engine is warm. As I accelerate the ticking speeds up and then goes quite. The noise developed after an oil change - I have been using Caltex 15w40 multigrade and changed to Shell 15w40 multigrade. I am wondering if this is the cause? I will be doing another change to Castrol 20w50 this evening.
Any comments will be most appreciated!
5VZ-FE auto
South Africa


  • I've got a slight ticking in a manual similar to what you explaining, my suspicion and have sorta traced it back to cam shaft tick. I'm going to be taking the cam covers off soon to have a look but it could be too thin of an oil and be the same thing

  • Suggestion from Jonathan;

    Cracked flex plate. I’d put money on it.

  • No change with the thicker oil. With the vehicle in neutral and aircon, lights, heated seats, etc all on therefore under slight load it makes the noise.

  • Found the noise - is was the idle pulley.

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