Front diff mounting (Bushes)

I have a 1998 95 collarado Had it for 20 years , over time all bushing joints etc have been renewed including S/ rack, with the exception of the diff mounting bushes, After watching a YouTube video by Timmy the tool man I decided to renew the (Diff bushes) in the front diff Mounting brackets, ( Most of us seem to experience a problem with excess transmission back lash,) My self also, R
eplacing these bushes has vastly reduced My B/lash , The wear in the bushes is difficult to judge until the brackets have been removed, it was an easy job and well worth doing, Toyota only sell replacement brackets, I bought mine from an American company good value . Hope this helps someone On here, sorry for long story


  • Hi Collie, what do you mean by transmission backlash?

  • Cheelai, diff wear, Play in UJ joints, Worn/ slack transfer box Chain all these can cause Back lash in transmission Most of my play was caused by the 2 Worn front diff mounting bushes causing excessive Flexing, The bush wear is Very difficult to see until the mountings are removed, ( 2 brackets easily removed) the original bushes are rubber & wear out just like all other bushings ie suspension body L/ control Arms etc

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