Winch Ideas

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Hi everyone,
This setup is with a TJM T3 bullbar and standard mount with their winch cradle. I have gone with a Kings dominator 12,000lb winch.
As far as mounting the winch it is as simple as removing your accessory harnesses from the bar and vehicle so you can remove the bar from the mount (you can try and get lucky with loosening the bolts and squeeze the cradle between the mount but that didn't work in my case. Once removed you just use the 2 supplied bolts on either side to secure the cradle in place. Now the kings winch uses 4 nutserts and bolts to mount and are a standard pattern to the cradles mounting holes. Follow your instructions for the cradle and winch you buy but this was the basic procedure and guideline that I followed. (pictures to come)

With my controller box, there was no way I was fitting it between my 9" spotties so had to get creative. Other's have extended the controller wires and mounted it in the engine bay but I didn't want to go to that effort and mounted behind a spotlight behind the grill. I'm quite happy with the result, it's hidden and can't be tampered with, doesn't block any air flow to the radiator and I can still use a wired controller via the gaps in the grill. Photos below of how it looks but to do this with a kings control box I had used a dremel to grind some of the grill backing, this is only plastic and once done it didn't appear to loose any structure to the grill. You could make a bracket to make it sit out further but this seemed the easiest.

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