90 series LBJ expected life span?

Hey all, recently bought a 2000 VZJ95 prado with 236000 kms on clock, awesome car and i am totally in love with it, i just have a concern about the LBJs as ive heard and seen plenty of horror stories about them giving up. i had a service and they said there was minor play in them and that they would just keep an eye on them but id rather be safe than sorry. I do a fair amount of tough tracks and put the car through its paces and given the age of the car i just want some advice on how to prevent a LBJ failure and if i should just get them replaced for piece of mind or weather i can hold off for a while longer and not have the wheel fall off? any advice would be much appreciated


  • Hey 90reddog, I'm just about to replace mine after 350,000ks, just keep checking them and always use genuine, cheers Jim.

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